Class A Topsoil

Class A topsoil is a clean, screened sandy loam soil.  Class A is typically used as backfill.

Mix 1a

Soil Mix 1A is a blend of topsoil, sand, and nitrolized redwood & fir shavings.  Mix 1A is recommened for palms, succulents, and water wise plantings.

Mix 1b

Soil Mix 1B is a blend of topsoil, sand, and fir bark.  Mix 1B is recommened for planting flowering trees & shrubs, including roses.

Mix 27a

Soil Mix 27A is a blend of topsoil and nitrolized redwood & fir shavings.  Mix 27A is recommened for lawns, turf renovations and planter mounds.

Mix 69a

Soil Mix 69A is a planting blend of topsoil, sand, redwood & fir shavings, and Kellogg’s nitro mulch.  Mix 69A is recommended for lawns, and flower beds. It’s a high quality all around planting mix.

Mix 76

Soil Mix 76 is a lightweight potting blend of 0-1/4″ fir shavings, agricultural pumice, and fine sand with gro-power time release fertilizer added. Mix 76 is recommended for roof top planters, pots, and hanging baskets.

Mix 99

Soil Mix 99 is a well draining soil blend of 0-1/4″ fir bark, agricultural pumice, and course, washed sand. Mix 99 is recommended for cactus and succulents.

  • Bank Soil – Unprocessed Sandy Loam

  • Screened Soil and Class A

  • Mix #1A:    Soil, Sand, Shavings – Lawns, Planters, & Palm Trees

  • Mix #1B:    Soil, Sand, Fir Bark – Roses and Flowers

  • Mix #27A:  Soil, Shavings – Lawns, Mounds, Athletic Fields & Trees

  • Mix #69A:  Most Popular Blend – Lawns, Planters, Gardens

  • Mix #76:     Potting Blend – Orchids, Azaleas, Ferns, & Lightweight

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